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In the forest, tribal community, hilly scattered community, salty sea shores, deserts, village, town, cities – during earthquakes, storms, floods – through govt projects, co-operatives, institutes, ngo’s – high volume, time bound. Vivetto has established its product, project, installation and service capability in all possible areas.
1. MW Power Plant:
Vivetto has experience and capability, deployed Solar Power Plant in major sectors. Vivetto came up with Innovative solution on power plant for Stand alone, Hybrid & Grid connected. The Power Plant ranges from 3kw to 60kw & 1MW to 20MW.
2. Communications:
Solar Inverters
Solar Street Light
Solar Water Heater
Solar Home Light
Solar LED Lantern
Solar Submersible Pump
Solar Cooker
Solar Control Charger
Solar Dryer
Solar Steam Generator
Vivetto has wide experience in providing reliable and economical solar electric systems for remote power solutions. These systems can be utilized during daytime directly on the power from the solar panels or with battery backup for the use 24 X 7 throughout the year. Typical applications powered by solar electricity include microwave repeater towers, base stations, VSATs, and WLL telecommunication systems.
3. Rural Development:
Vivetto has developed, supplied and installed thousands of these systems to serve remote locations and improve quality of life. Individuals & professional organizations are increasingly turning to solar electricity for lighting homes, pumping clean drinking water, refrigerating vaccines, schools, hospitals. Also has new application as solar fencing in villages and farms to protect valued crops from animals.
4. Solar Power Plants in Milk Co-Operatives:
During the 90’s, India has “White Revolution” in the field of milk unions through NBDB under the great leadership of Dr. Curion. This has not only brought together the people at village level and start activities on co-operative basis. Milk co-operative societies have been established at each village. These societies are using computerized milk collection system.
C-operatives were helpless to utilize the advance computerized milk collection systems during poor power quality and power failures. Vivetto has played a key role in providing solar based power pack solution for these co-operatives and provided continuous power facilities for their requirement. System had average payback calculations of 6 to 7 years and also helped them a lot in cutting down the maintenance cost of computer systems which was high enough due to power fluctuations through conventional grid supply. These systems are still active and working even after 8 years.
5. Government/Defense:
Vivetto has penetrated its various solar solutions into the community through various governments’ demonstration and awareness programs. We have worked with government departments to provide solar power solutions for special power needs. Our special feature solutions have application in defense establishment to provide remote power solutions to gunnery ranges, naval tracking stations and small telecom repeater systems.
6. Oil & Gas:
Stand alone solar power is a logical solution for the remote energy needs of the oil and gas industry. Vivetto has almost all range of solutions for delivering reliable, cost-effective electricity for pipeline monitoring, telemetry, offshore drilling rigs, and catholic protection.
7. Lighting products / Remote Home Systems:
Solar Lighting solutions are ideal for those who choose to live beyond the reach of conventional electric power. Solar Lanterns, Solar Home Lights and Solar Street lights are the basic solutions for this segment. These products are available in Compact fluorescent lamps and LED lamps as well. Easy to install, virtually maintenance free, long life and individual use has made these range of products most suitable for most of the government programs of rural electrifications worldwide. These systems can be delivered fully integrated for ground mounting or installed on a rooftop or stand-alone structure. These are widely used in remote tribal and forest helmets and communities.
8. Solar Lanterns Through,
World Bank Eco-Development Project :
Gir Forest – India the only home for Asiatic Lians. There are many scattered community inside the Gir Forest living in dark since many years. GOI has declared this as a national park and was unable to provide basic living amenities through conventional sources merely for the genuine cause of saving the only home of Asiatic lions and forest.
Rural habitants were living dark nights due to this and World Bank has jointly worked out the project under eco development work and Vivetto has joined hands to transform the lives of thousands living in the Gir forest by providing Solar lanterns to households and changed the living standards of the isolated communities and their children.